What is Cleartestonline?

  • What is it meant for? to assess learning and provide feedback to students and teachers
  • What kind of assessments are covered?
    • Continuous (Formative) and Discrete (Summative) (i.e. During a topic and at the end of every topic / subject / term
  • What type of questions can be set?
    • Objective (Multiple Choice, Match the column, Drag and Drop) and Subjective (Descriptive text)
    • Coding (for 20+ programming languages)
    • Graphical, i.e. diagram specific to different branches of technology, Mathematical (Algebraic, Plane and Solid Geometry)
    • Image-marker: Marking on diagrams of any kind, and scanned images uploaded online
  • What level of feedback is provided?
    • At question, topic / sub-topic level
    • How does a student's performance compare with other students
    • At overall class or batch-level, for teachers

Why a new platform?

  • To overcome the drawbacks of other platforms that are not specifically meant for assessments, i.e.
    • inability to give feedback to students for every answer submitted
    • inability of students to engage and interact, i.e. raise questions on topics taught
    • difiiculty in evaluating answer-scripts uploaded as images / scanned documents

What gives it the edge?


Its many uses

Be it learning assessments, questionnaire based surveys, or what-if analysis, CleartestOnline can be used for them all


Safe Exam Browser

CleartestOnline works seamlessly with Safe Exam Browser - the leading solution for secure online examinations


Editors for every need

Be it plain text, technology diagrams, Mathematics, or any image, there is an editor for each. See the section below


AI based Problem-solver

Coming soon... an AI powered engine that finds solutions to questions you ask

Rich set of graphical editors


Editor for Science, Technology and Business subjects

Be it UML or Swim lane diagrams, Data-center schematics, P&I diagrams or Floor plans or Circuit diagrams or PLC Ladder logic and many more - use a single editor.

Editor for High School and Advanced Mathematics

Graphs of Algebraic equations, High-school Calculus, Plane and Solid Geometry diagrams, Statistical plots - do it all, using an online graphical calculator

Universal Image Marker for marking and annotating

Whether an image is part of a question, or it is simply a scanned image of a document, students and teachers can now mark and annotate an image online, using our Image marker

Coding Editor for programming

Watch Intellisense and Code linting getting applied automatically as you code in a specific programming language. We use Atom - the leading code editor

What our clients say?